10 Highest Salary Jobs in India that Don’t Require Any College Degree

Ziya Noor
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There are some students who want to get selected at the prestigious college immediately after passing out 12th and on the other hand, there are some students who want their professional life to start immediately after 12th to get the young age experience. But it seems hard to get a good paying job without any college degree as those degrees are considered as the most important and essential ones. But I feel it’ s all up to you and your own decisions as there are some professions that will pay you well and you don’t even need a college degree.

Highest Salary Jobs in India

We have already shared a few professions wherein a person can earn handsome amount even without any college degree. Here are few more ;

  1. Real Estate Agent: Bad impression earlier, this profession is growing day by day and we find lot of professionals earning good money through this. A Real Estate Agent is surely in demand these days by big clients as he’s the mediator between the seller and buyer of the real property. You simply need to complete a certificate course in any of the famous institute and get the license to get going in this profession.
  2. Freelance Photographer: You love clicking photographs? Check out the profession of freelance photographer and if you are really good in capturing, nothing like it. Your hobby can make you earn loads as a part time or full time career. These days freelance photographers are on boom, though the profession keeps you on toes and travelling, keeping you away from family and friends but if you are good it’ worth the efforts with good pay.
  3. Carpenter: Inspecting, repairing, installing, rebuilding, modifying, constructing and maintaining the woodwork don’t precisely require a degree. One is exposed to environment with extreme temperature and intense noise. Attending an apprenticeship in a technical school will be enough to get you go through the profession smoothly.
  4. Sales Representative: Connecting to people and selling their product successfully is also an art. Being energetic, lively and positive is the mantra to suit the profession. One can get values, smart skills over knowledge inside the classroom. After that one is trained to earn a good amount.
  5. Personal Trainer: The fitness professional who are involved in exercises and proper instructions to the clients. No particular venue is fixed as the professionals can conduct the training session at their own house, client’s house, health clubs and other fitness centers. People being health conscious these days has led to a boom in this profession with immense demand for personal trainers across the world.
  6. Modeling: If you have a great physic then your chance of taking up this profession in the fashion industry is quite high. This career among the youngsters with glam and show is very much in demand and once you succeed after may be lot of initial struggle there is no end to money. No fixed salary as all depends on good contracts.
  7. Event Manager: Corporate firms need some one or the other to manage their big events taking place, which includes celebrities and big famous people of the country. As Big fat weddings and parties have become a new trend, being an event manager is sure to keep you on toes wherein you need to plan and execute different types of events and ceremonies. A creative mindset is sure to grab good payments depending on the contract.
  8. Registered Nurse: To be a nurse you don’t need a particular degree but all you need is a certification from an accredited nursing program. Along with this, the nurses in India must be licensed from the Indian Nursing Council. Once this is done, you are ready to work in a nursing profession. Pay is good depending on the hospitals.
  9. Makeup Artist: If you have the skills to apply makeup to reflect the situations, setting or a particular role, you are fit for it. Practice, experiment and natural talent are beneficial in this line. You can also learn techniques from different people who have been in this business for years. Money is good and education is negligible.
  10. Media and Communication Equipment Worker: One has to setup, operate and also monitor the audio, video and digital equipment. Work experience isn’t mandatory. One can experience this work profession in the field of concerts, sports, events, marriage and conventions, new conferences and presentations.
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